At The Active Network, ensuring the privacy and security of customers’ data and funds is a priority. Our financial, data privacy and technology security policies and safeguards ensure that all data stored in our system is protected and also guarantees that all funds processed through our system are delivered to customers on time.

Financial Integrity
Active is one of the few registration providers that maintains a separate account for all customer funds, ensuring all funds are intact, stored safely and securely, and can be delivered to customers at any time. Our formalized accounting and financial policies ensure a consistent, dependable process and this process is also regularly audited by one of the top four largest international public accounting firms.

Data Privacy
We consider all of the registrant information we collect for our customers to be private and have established security and privacy policies to control and safeguard this data at all times. Any financial information that is collected is used only to bill participants for products and services they have specifically requested. Unlike many registration providers, we never sell this data to third parties.

Technology Security
Our investment in state-of-the art infrastructure and reliable technology ensures transactions are processed securely and efficiently. All data and payment information collected are stored in a secure operating environment that is not available to the public. As part of this tight security process, all credit card information supplied by participants is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Strict security begins at the point of data transmission where SSL encryption scrambles all payment information and credit card numbers so information cannot be intercepted.

We are also compliant with security standards for the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard, an internationally-recognized, best practices standard for credit cardholder data security. For service providers like Active, who store, process and transmit cardholder data, compliance certification with the PCI Data Security Standard represents a significant commitment to industry security standards, supported by all major credit card associations.


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